Kiran Gangadharan born (1986) Kerala, India holds Masters in Industrial Design from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, India and Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, India. His skills are in wide diversity from Arts, Design and Engineering. As a maker he has experienced and collaborated with various national and international research initiatives.He is a design practitioner who acknowledges that “Design is mystery of movements which could reveal a new state of geometry “.

“As a Practitioner the experience of working in fields of Design, Art and Architecture led me to indulge in various transdisciplinary projects.This journey for me was a lifetime, but the quest is towards an unexpected destiny, which has brought me to learn and execute in various field.From the lowest and the south most part of India, Kerala were I was born, it took me sometime to realise that there is a world of known unknowns and their spirits. Collaborating, Sharing and acquiring knowledge from various professionals led me to this stage of Performance.These Projects are also part of collaborative effort by various individuals which has led to these perfections.”